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Isolating triple-glazed windows

Guarantee maximal soundproofing, excellent thermal insulation, work comfort and great acoustics.

Double façade from OFIS

The unique appearance of the façade makes Einpark a visual icon of the location night and day. The façade is aestethic and functional - thanks to special architectural features it helps improve indoor climate and heat loss reduction.

Openable windows

The decorative elements of the segmented façade hide Schüco openable aluminium windows which allow the tenants to comfortably and safely air out the premises anytime they want.

Outside blinds

Motorized external blinds allow effortless light and glare regulation within the building.

Integrated public transport

A new external elevator, a footbridge connecting both sides of the street, cycling infrastructure and an integrated bus stop directly in front of the building provide a great transport connection to the rest of the city.

Bicycle stands and cycling infrastructure

Located in the exterior as well as the underground garage. Cyclists can make use of the elegant locker rooms with showers and aired cabinets.

Unique cooling beams

Thermal comfort is guaranteed by the Scandinavian cooling beam technology. Compared to conventional air conditioners in most buildings, cooling beams are more energy efficient and, together with the fresh air exchange system, provide a much healthier working environment. This way it also increases the comfort and productivity of employees with minimal impact on the environment.

Intelligent air conditioning

The system monitors the CO2 concentration in rooms with an increased number of people. It automatically adjusts the fresh air supply, thus guaranteeing a healthy, pleasant environment and reduced operating costs.

Materials of the highest quality

High-speed CAT 6A cabling, mineral lamella ceiling, hypoallergenic carpets, double floors, exterior blinds or full LED lighting.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Unrivaled view of the Bratislava skyline and ideal interior lighting thanks to the great location and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Floor heating

Heating convectors in the floor next to the façade create a pleasant thermal veil and overall contribute to greater thermal comfort. Thanks to their discreet location, they allow interior design without restrictions or compromises.

Einpark Offices je technologicky najvyspelejšia budova na Slovensku. Ponúka skvelú vizibilitu, ideálnu polohu, skvelú dostupnosť a to najlepšie vnútorné prostredie.

Za použitie progresívnych stavebných výrobkov a inovatívnych postupov výstavby, získal v súťaži Stavba roka 2020 - 2021 cenu odbornej poroty.

Healthiness, sustainability and quality were always a key part of our work. Einpark unites these values and brings them to a world-leading standard.

Samuel Csáder



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