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260.66 m²
260.66 m²


The typical floor area is more than 2 700 m². Together with 3 elevator cores, it provides great flexibility even in case of it being split into smaller sections.

Floor Leased premises
Total office area
16 000 m²
Retail space area
1 800 m²

Parking spaces (328)

  • 223underground parking spaces for the office
  • 74underground parking spaces for the visitors
  • 31public parking spaces in the courtyard

Bicycle stands (75)

  • 55Bicycle stands underground
  • 20Bicycle stands above ground

Electric car chargers (14)

  • 9Electric car chargers underground
  • 2Electric car chargers above ground

The Façade of EINPARK Offices corresponds to the functionality of the building, its requirements and location. It creates an energy-efficient building which is kind to people and the environment.

Špela Videčnik

Terrace for
the employees

The common relaxing terrace with a beautiful view of the center and the city's landmarks gives employees a great place for daily relaxation and provides space for unforgettable company events in a unique atmosphere.

Congress hall

The congress hall directly in the building is always ready for large meetings, trainings, presentations and other company activities.


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