Green buildings meeting the principles of sustainable development are not just a kind of fashion for us. They are our state of mind, our attitude, and our way of protecting the environment, creating more healthy spaces and making time at work or at home as comfortable as possible.

Following green principles, the use of ecologically adapted solutions and high-tech elements helps us to also deliver effective investments while saving on operating and energy costs.

With EINPARK OFFICES we’re offering not only office premises, but a way to protect our environment while enjoying your own benefits and having a healthy space for your employees and business partners.

You are welcome to become part of the neighbourhood and more – to express your attitude towards sustainability and the environment and to become a part of the solution to protect it.


Exterior shading
Openable windows in every room
Cooling beams
LED Lighting
Fresh air exchange of 50m/person/h
No sill
Floor convector
Floor box
Structured cat 7 cabling
Raised floor with bearing capacity of 500 kg/m

  • energy-efficient, rational and green building – LEED pre-certificated
  • building with exterior window shading, triple glazing and excellent characteristics of heat-power engineering
  • openable window wings in facade – natural ventilation possibility
  • views throw the large-scale glazing – no sill
  • rainwater utilization for irrigation
  • shared rooftop terrace – more than 300 m2
  • overstandard design of entered spaces – using of quality natural materials
  • barrier-free entrances to the building
  • lift with recuperation
  • bicycle parking, shower room and ventilated lockers in the changing room for cyclists
  • building access and security service 24/7, security cameras on the building facade
  • security and monitoring system at the entrance of the building enable individual access via identification card
  • smart building management system
  • technical maintenance and cleaning service
  • vertical heavy-current and weak-current distribution installed by busbar system
  • electronic fire alarm system and voice evacuation system in the whole building
  • CO2 detection in conference room
  • diesel – fueled standby generator provides power supply for fire protection system
  • exterior shading
  • openable windows in every room
  • cooling beams
  • led lighting
  • fresh air exchange of 50 M2/person
  • no sill
  • floor convector
  • floor box
  • structured cat 7 cabling
  • raised floor with bearing capacity of 500 KG/M2
  • partitions between tenants – 54-58 DB
  • CO2 detection in conference room
  • parking spaces/garage (visitors) 47
  • parking spaces/inner block (public) 31
  • bicycle parking/basement 55
  • bicycle parking/on terrain 20
  • electric vehicle supercharger for 2 cars on terrain
  • electric vehicle chargers for 12 cars in basement

Green buildings

  • utility cost savings for energy and water, typically 30% to 50%, along with reduced “carbon footprint” from energy savings
  • maintenance cost reductions from commissioning and other measures to improve and assure proper systems integration and performance
  • health benefi ts, increased motivation, typically 5% or more reduced absenteeism
  • lower employee exposure to irritating or toxic chemicals in building materials
  • help attract and retain talent who care about contributing to a sustainable lifestyle
13% Lower maintenance costs
50% Lower energy and water consumption
90% Less construction waste
27% Higher user satisfaction
25 to 30% increase in work productivity


The precisely chosen location of the project with a smooth connection to the main traffic arteries

is one of the important criteria to evaluate in hindsight regarding your interests and priorities. Not only in terms of the green philosophy, but in this case also in terms of the location near the historic centre with the city’s dominant features and landmarks, enabling you to have a ringside seat






EINPARK OFFICES is the first building in Slovakia that meets the highest LEED PLATINUM (Building Design and Connstruction) pre-certification criteria, thus ranking among the top 1% of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

This certification is a comprehensive tool that evaluates the project from start to fi nish and also complies with high demands placed on environmental protection, and especially on human health.

Residing and working in a LEED PLATINUM certifi ed building is thus a way of expressing our attitude owards ourselves and our environment.

Sustainability as such is a complex of many components of an economic, social, but mainly environmental nature. If we do not want to owe it something in particular, we should not forget about its society-wide range and intention.

It is you who will be able to enjoy the common benefit of the sustainable development and make your today’s
decision a reference for future generations.


The commercial office building forms a single urban unit with residential blocks. Thanks to its flexibility, the project also provides space for companies with fewer employees. Together with the height of buildings, which, in order to respect the character of the place, reaches only six floors, it creates a pleasant, peaceful and inspiring working environment.

7. NP area available 2568,74 m2
6. NP area available 2773,57 m2
5. NP area available 2773,57 m2
4. NP area available 2773,57 m2
3. NP area available 2631,21 m2
2. NP area available 2485,18 m2
1. NP area available 1804,26 m2

Total offices size of 16.005,74 m2

The creator's perspective

Our philosophy lies in taking a responsible approach and in innovation
We have the courage to cope with challenges and see the hidden potential of connecting this part of the city with the historic centre – so that it meets the expectations of a modern man who sees value looking towards the future and can appreciate an innovative approach.

A unique building in a strategic location
The “Business Boulevard of Bratislava”, which was perceived by people as the neglected, unused part of Einsteinova street, gives us a unique opportunity to build a project that will use both its strengths and weaknesses in its favour. We have designed a timeless complex in which the office building combines location, traffic, and good accessibility while also protecting the residential part, creating it a very positive background.

LEED platinum pre-certification is a mark of quality
Thanks to the technologies used and our responsible approach to designing and the project implementation itself, we can proudly present ourselves as being the first in Slovakia with the LEED PLATINUM pre-certification in the system of new buildings.

We connect the two banks of the river
We have logically designed the comfortable connection of the two sides of Einsteinova street and access to Janko Kráľ Park, Aupark, and the Old Town – whether for cyclists or pedestrians – thus giving people new opportunities and increasing the overall comfort on both banks of Bratislava.

— Marián Hlavačka | CEO CORWIN a.s